Director Paul Wittenberger

PicturePaul Wittenberger is a filmmaker, artist and activist. Paul was born in Michigan however spent much of his childhood in the West African, war torn Nation of Liberia. Paul later returned to The United States where his unique perspective and upbringing lead him to pursue a career in the arts. He went on to study film at Full Sail University.

In early 2010 Paul teamed up with reporter Michael Murphy and producer G. Edward Griffin to make a film that would bring the issue of geothermal engineering or as it is better know chemtrails to the forefront. "What in the World are They Spraying?" opened in October 2010 to great success and controversy.

Paul went on to start a production company called, Framing the World Productions, with producer Chris Maple. Pauls second feature length documentary, "The Great Culling" is currently in production. Paul currently resides in Los Angeles California where he continues to make art and encourage others to question those in power and to keep watching the skies.


Producer Chris Maple

PictureChris Maple hails from the greater Worcester/Boston area and has spent the last six years living in Los Angeles. Chris holds a degree in criminal justice however the majority of his professional background resides most heavily in the Financial sector. As a financial planner he has always felt compelled to do more socially. Having never been satisfied with the "main stream" and how it tends to feed us filtered versions of the truth. It was that combination of his innate desire for truth and the teaming up with Paul Wittenberger that has sent him on his personal quest for truth. In addition to his photography career Chris enjoys staying active hiking with his wife and dogs, playing hockey once again, writing comedy as well as fostering local animals. He and his wife reside with their two pups, one kitty, four turtles, two rabbits, multiple fish and wild birds - all happily nestled up in Monterey Hills, California.